Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is a much discussed topic. If CR is part of strategy of a company, it helps to clearly differentiate this enterprise from others. CR is a very comprehensive term, including topics like ethics, human rights, environment, coporate governance, working conditions etc. Any non governmental organisation, but listed companies especially have a broad responsibility towards their stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers).

Capital markets are the best catalyst and no doubt the best suited platform to really judge CR and a proper and efficient management. Therefore CR is the most important and at the same the time the most challenging topic for years, if not decades, for all actors in the capital markets.

Friedrich Mostböck, chair of ÖVFA, the Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management, provides with this most recent publication of ÖVFA an input for an ongoing discussion.

OVFA_March2005.pdfOVFA_March2005.pdfOEVFA_Corporate Responsibility 2.0 JUNE 2010.pdfOEVFA_Corporate Responsibility 2.0 JUNE 2010.pdf

The reports were published on various international websites: (Society of Investment Professionals in Germany), (The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies), (EFFAS Commission on ESG), (The Association of Certified International Investment Analysts®) (International Network for Sustainable Financial Markets), (Hong Kong Securities Institute), etc.

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